It is common knowledge that Chinese investors love to invest in the UK property investment market and they have been doing so in big numbers for years. Just recently, however, that interest has turned into a clamour and the simple reason is that they now get considerably more property for their money.

For records over a period of 180 days show that, on 12 December 2019, the value of the pound to the Chinese yuan was a high of 9.4564. By 19 March 2020, it was down to 8.1688, a fall of 13.616%. It has recovered some of the lost ground since then, but not enough to erode the increased interest in UK properties from China.

One major and ongoing reason for this is the huge number of Chinese students at UK universities. Records indicate that, since 2014-15, that number grew from 89,540 to 120,385 and a significant percentage of those students’ families recognise the financial sense of owning a property not far from the chosen institution as a home for their son or daughter or purely for investment.

So, to respond to the clamour from China, we have assembled a list of 54 investment or potential investment opportunities in the UK. We are not actively marketing all 54 but we do have access to all of them, so all appear on a schedule we have produced for our Chinese contacts. The starting prices range from £49,950 to £1,295,000 and the properties are located in twenty different UK towns and cities. 

The schedule also includes the property type, estimated completion if not completed and the assured or projected returns as applicable. Email us if you would like a copy. As for our ‘spoof heading’ to this article, well, for every Chinese investor, there should be many UK ones, so they will be buying nearer to home, if not actually ‘at home’ but, no, we are not changing the company name!