According to a Nasdaq compilation of the countries with the ten fastest growing economies, Guyana is rated as number one. This is largely due to the continuing discoveries of oil in commercial quantities and Nasdaq also predicts that Guyana will be amongst the world's largest per-capita oil producers by 2025.

The latest major discovery is at the Orinduik Block, which is offshore of the Corentyne coastline. An added bonus for the owners of properties in the region is that the prevailing wind blows in a direction that will take the noise and smell of the drilling away from the coast, leaving the beaches of the Corentyne coastline in pristine condition. As a result property owners can expect to get the benefits of the development of the oil industry without any of its negative impact.

Property prices are already increasing in Guyana due to the oil discoveries and it seems inevitable that this will continue at an ever increasing rate. We can realistically expect real estate values to appreciate considerably more from 2020, when production by two major oil companies is due to start.