Welcome to the new Investabroad Properties website, which went live on 1 November. The old one has served us and its visitors well but looked tired (hardly surprising after nearly nine years of hard work!) and, technically, was out of date. Naturally, the new one has been designed with the most up to date technology for use by mobiles, tablets and I-Pads, as well as laptops and desk-top computers.


The new website has been built by our long-time, highly regarded website design and host company, Resource Techniques. It has been many months in its planning, thanks to the skills of the design team at Resource Techniques and the diligence and dedication of the company’s support team. We are grateful to them all.


You will find several new features, quite apart from the eye-catching design of the Home Page and how this has been carried through to the other pages. To start with, if English is not your first language, at top right on the Home Page, you can access every other major language on the planet.


You will see that our Property Search has been separated into Overseas and UK. This reflects the increasing importance of our UK property based investment portfolio which, in the last two years, has become a significant part of our business. Whilst overseas properties will always have the greater and more diverse content, we know that many UK investors prefer to have their investments closer to home and this facility will make it quicker and easier for them to find the investments of their choice.


The Services section remains very comprehensive, with separate pages for Purchaser Services, Property Viewing Hints, the Investabroad Investor Club, Owner Services, Vendor Services and a new page featuring Alternative Investments.


Also in the Services section, you will find a page dedicated to currency transfers through our currency partners of sixteen years, HiFX. Their page explains their services and how you will normally save considerable costs by using a leading currency company rather than a high street bank to transfer your funds and also provides a direct link to their trading platform.


Do familiarise yourself with the company that you may be dealing with by reading the Company Profile under ‘About Us’. It is important that you have confidence and trust in the company and individuals you may be investing with and we encourage you to note the three professional organisations which have logos on the Home Page, from where there are links to brief descriptions in Associated Businesses, also under ‘About Us’. You may learn more from the Testimonials, which we are fortunate enough to have and which can be accessed from the Home Page and elsewhere.


Also under ‘About Us’ are several other Associated Businesses with which we have worked for many years and which may provide you with suitable suggestions for other services associated with your property or investment.


Don’t forget to register for the Members Area by clicking on the icon at top right of the Home Page. That way, you can be sure to be notified of new properties or investments that may be a suitable match for your requirements.


Finally, if you are interested in joining our network of estate agents and other professionals, or simply as an individual, from anywhere in the world for an opportunity to earn a significant part of any commission we receive due to your introduction, please email us from the website for further details.


Enjoy the website and we look forward to being of service to you.