The Investabroad Investor Club

The Investabroad Investor Club is a very simple – and free – means by which investors can receive details of interesting and worthwhile investment opportunities as soon as they reach Investabroad Properties.

Reinforcing the fact that this is a completely free service, there are:

  • No joining fees
  • No subscriptions
  • No administration or other charges when you buy
  • No costs whatsoever except the normal purchasing costs

The way the Club works could not be more simple! All we need from a Club Member is a name and an email address. A contact telephone number would be useful, but is not essential. That will only become a necessity when you respond to some information we have emailed to you and we need to discuss the details with you.

The investment opportunities will be selected by Investabroad Properties and will be “all embracing” including, for example:

  • Substantial discounts for the last few plots or units of a new development
  • A worthwhile price reduction on a resale property
  • A new release of an off plan development for which there is expected to be a heavy demand
  • A special financing arrangement offered by a developer, agent or owner
  • An attractive – and genuine – rental guarantee, often with some personal use
  • A new Fractional Ownership opportunity, an increasingly popular means of ownership
  • A development which has just become accepted for purchase through SIPPS and SSAS
  • The launch of a new property fund, usually open for a limited time
  • Attractive opportunities in commercial property in various countries
  • Information on any of our wide and increasing range of Alternative Investments
  • These include forestry, agriculture, oil royalties and luxury yacht fractional ownership

There will be no geographical limitations and wherever there appears to be a worthwhile investment of which Club members need to be aware, we will distribute it. This includes the UK.

Other important points to be noted are:

  • It is quite likely that the selected investments do not appear on this website
  • We will not match a Club Member’s specific requirements – all Members receive everything
  • Two reasons for this – first, it is not practical and second, you may miss a golden opportunity
  • It follows that you just delete anything which is not of interest
  • There are no set days for distribution, which will happen as soon as we have reviewed details
  • It follows that you may receive three or more emails in a week, then nothing for a week or two
  • Our normal disclaimers will apply and we will state if we know little about the opportunity
  • There is no minimum period of membership, which can cease any time you wish
  • A sale to a Club Member makes no difference to the commission we receive
  • For introducing a new Member, you receive commission from the first sale to that Member
  • We do not guarantee that a response to an email will lead to the sale of the investment
  • Responses from more than one Member will be dealt with strictly in order of receipt
  • There is no minimum investment and we usually have opportunities from just GBP 5000
  • We invite existing and prospective investors from all over the world
  • We are registered under the Data Protection Act; details will not be passed on without consent
  • All sales will be processed according to current Money Laundering regulations
  • All Club Members will receive a Club Newsletter from time to time

To join the Investabroad Investor Club now, please click here to contact us.

An Invitation to Agents, other Businesses and Organisations Everywhere

Here is an opportunity for you to earn commissions for virtually no effort! Form your own Investor Club to create “a club within a club”. Invite your contacts to become members of your own Investor Club, which then becomes a self contained section of the Investabroad Investor Club.

This is how it will work:

  • You can start your own Investor Club with as few as two Members or as many as you like
  • You can add new Members or remove existing Members at any time
  • You can attach your business name to the Club instead of the Investabroad name
  • Provided you include the strap line – “Part of the Investabroad Investor Club” beneath
  • Subject to a minimum of 10 Members, we will incorporate your logo, with ours, on all offers
  • All the points listed in the above section will apply in exactly the same way
  • This includes a first sale commission to a Member who introduces another Member
  • However, you will receive the same commission on every sale to all your Members
  • We will be solely responsible for the selection and distribution of all investment offers
  • You will be copied in on every distribution, including the Club newsletters
  • We will inform you immediately we receive a response of any kind from a Member
  • We will be solely responsible for all follow up actions and the resulting sale processes
  • You will be kept fully informed but are free to contact your own Members at any time
  • We can provide you with free promotional material for you to attract Members
  • This may include a professionally designed mailer / window display and a press release
  • Your Investor Club can be a “stand alone” income producing venture for absolutely no cost
  • Your Club may also attract new clients for your core business activities
  • Alternatively, your Club can be just one element of a more proactive involvement
  • This can be achieved by becoming a Member of the Investabroad Properties Network
  • This invitation is extended to businesses of all kinds, not necessarily property related
  • The invitation also extends to charities, sports clubs, schools and other organisations
  • It also extends to countries all over the world, but we can only distribute offers in English
  • If you have interesting investments to sell, we are happy to discuss terms for distribution

To contact us with a view to creating your own Investor Club, please click here to complete our enquiry form, remember to include your name and type of business or organisation as well as your position in the organisation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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