Owner Services

  • Re-mortgaging a property – if you own a property outside the UK and want either to raise equity on it to help finance the purchase of another or simply to pay off an existing mortgage and re-mortgage on more advantageous terms, we will introduce you to one or more lenders or brokers which specialise in this.
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  • Insurance arrangements – you must make sure that your new property and all its contents are fully insured from the time of completion; we work with international property insurance specialists Intasure and you can get a quote and obtain your cover on line.
  • Letting the property – we do not deal with the letting and renting of properties ourselves; many of our developers have their own departments for this and some offer clients very attractive rental guarantees; if you want to rent out your holiday home, click here for a specialist service from the leading rental company, Holiday Lettings.
  • Save on currency conversion – if you rent out your property or just use it for your own holidays, there will be occasions when you will need to transfer funds from your sterling account to your local overseas account in the appropriate currency; examples are transferring funds overseas to meet maintenance or management costs, transferring rents to your sterling account etc; you can make significant savings over the normal high street bank conversion rates and charges by using a specialist currency company; to see how, click on the banner below:Rectangular banner (728x90)
  • Property management – in most countries, this will be organised by managing agents appointed by a community association if the property is on a complex and you will pay a service or management charge; we are not involved, but if you are having a problem with the management of your complex, we will help if we possibly can!
  • Book-keeping and tax – if you are obtaining any income from your property, you are advised to have the correct records and returns compiled professionally; failure to do so and to pay any resultant tax in the country concerned may create big problems for the future;
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  • Furniture packs – if you are buying a new property, you will need to furnish and equip it; some of our projects are sold fully furnished, in other cases, the developer will introduce you to a supplier, where you can choose an entire pack from different price levels; otherwise, let us know and we should be able to organise this for you.
  • Interior design – in many countries, we have contacts with professional interior design consultants so, if you are considering a make-over for your existing property or require your own taste for a new one, let us know and we will see if we can help; the same may be true of landscape design.
  • Building works – in any country, it can be a problem to find a reliable and reputable builder who will finish the required work on time and to a professional standard, especially if there is a language barrier; if you need help, we will be able to contact our agents or developers with a view to providing you with suitable recommendations.

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