Vendor Services

  • Private owner sales

    We have a comprehensive Marketing Plan to implement when we are instructed by individual private or corporate owners to market and sell one or more properties on their behalf; the plan may need to be adapted to suit the specific requirements of the property concerned; please contact us for full details or click here to view the Owners’ Marketing Plan, which incorporates our unique Website Marketing Package.
  • Selling with our agents

    Most of the agents in other countries with whom we work carry very comprehensive portfolios of resale properties, usually covering all price ranges and an excellent cross section of types and sizes; it is not practical to include more than a representative selection on this website, but we are always pleased to provide our website visitors with details of our agents’ websites and for direct contact to be made; there is also a range of services within the Owners’ Marketing Plan which we will make available to our agents for selected properties from their portfolio.
  • Tax implications of sale

    Remember that there may be tax implications when you sell your property and, in particular, you may require a capital gains tax computation and payment arrangements with the tax authorities in the country of sale.
    Click here for assistance from international specialists Property Tax International.
  • Currency exchange & transfer

    It’s just as important to obtain the best service and exchange rate when you sell as when you buy and, again, this may save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds.
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  • Selling for developers

    We have a comprehensive Marketing Plan to implement when acting for developers and, again, this may need to be adapted to suit the circumstances of the development or its target market; please contact us for full details or click here to view the Developers’ Marketing Plan, which incorporates our unique Website Marketing Package; as well as every imaginable type, size, location and price range of new developments, the portfolio includes building plots, design and build opportunities and fractional ownership schemes.
  • Hotels & commercial properties

    We have experience in the marketing and sale of boutique and tourist hotels, development sites and other commercial properties including office buildings, shopping centres, industrial and warehousing properties, mixed use developments and commercial investments; we have good contacts with many of the leading commercial property agencies and consultants and with major hotel groups in various countries.
  • Sales of UK discounted property

    We are retained by various consortia of investors from the euro zone and other non sterling areas to find portfolios of heavily of heavily discounted new properties for their acquisition on a Buy to Let basis and this is likely to continue for as long as the GB pound remains weak against the euro and other currencies; agents or owners are invited to contact us if they have any such opportunities available.
  • Website Marketing Packages

    Reference has been made above to our unique Website Marketing Packages, which form an integral part of the Owners’ and Developers’ Marketing Plans; the charges illustrated may incorporate some flexibility, as may the discounts for multi registration; for owners or developers wishing to take advantage of the Website Packages without instructing us on an agency basis, there is the option to pay an agreed charge, have all enquiries directed to them and have no commission to pay when sales result.

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