Purchaser Services

Many of the services listed below should be considered and used before you start your search for a suitable property, if they are applicable to you.

  • Sale of UK property

    If you need to sell a property in the UK to help to finance your purchase, we will, subject to location, introduce you to a local reputable independent estate agent, who is a member of our network or another group with which we are associated.

  • Sale of property outside UK

    If the same requirement involves a property in a country outside the UK and we cannot provide an appropriate marketing plan ourselves, we may be able to introduce you to a local reputable estate agent, but see also the Vendor Services section.

  • Buy to live or emigrate

    If you are planning to live in, or emigrate to, the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, we can introduce you to a company which specialises in the regulations and processes of the country concerned. For other countries, if we cannot do the same, we will advise you where to contact the relevant embassy or high commission.

  • Re-mortgage UK property

    If you intend to re-mortgage your existing UK property to help finance your purchase and do not have access to a known independent financial adviser, we will be able to introduce you to one.

  • Re-mortgage property outside UK

    If you wish to re-mortgage a property you own in another country, we can, depending on the country concerned, introduce you to an appropriate mortgage broker or lender but see also the Owner Services section.
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  • Foreign currency mortgage

    If you wish to consider a foreign currency mortgage to help finance your purchase, we can, depending on the country concerned, introduce you either to a broker or direct to a lender. With new developments, this may be through the development company, many of which have pre-arranged mortgage facilities.
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  • Self Invested Personal Pension

    If you wish to create a SIPP as a vehicle to purchase property, we can introduce you to an authorised pension company which accepts property into its pensions, subject to meeting the right criteria; if you already have a SIPP, we will provide a selection of properties which are SIPP compliant.

  • Off shore trust or company

    If you require advice on buying through an off shore trust or company, although the tax implications do not make this worthwhile for the average purchaser, we will introduce you to a specialist adviser.

  • Purchase via a local company

    In some countries, it is necessary to create a company in that country to be the vehicle which makes the purchase, you then being the only shareholder; this is generally quite simple and inexpensive and we can advise you of the details and costs involved.

  • Costs of your purchase

    Most countries levy a form of purchase tax, equivalent to stamp duty in the UK, which varies from country to country; there will be other costs of a more incidental nature and we will always be able to advise you of the purchasing costs to expect in the country of your choice.

  • Tax and other charges

    We can advise you of the tax situation in the country you are considering, eg capital gains and inheritance taxes, tax on rental income etc and whether the country has a double taxation agreement with the UK or the country in which you pay tax; we will also advise on local or regional charges payable on your new property.
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  • International tax advice

    If you require specialist taxation advice in advance of, or following, your purchase, we can introduce you to a specialist firm of advisers;
    Click here to obtain information from leading international tax advisers, Property Tax International.

  • Fractional Ownership

    If you require details of how the Fractional Ownership concept works before proceeding further, we can explain this in detail; however, whilst the principles are always the same, some aspects of fractional ownership schemes may vary from one developer to another.

  • Joint or syndicate purchase

    If you are considering a purchase jointly with friends or relatives, we can explain the best way to do this and introduce you to a lawyer who will provide the appropriate legal advice.

  • Making a local will

    Many countries’ succession laws are different to those of the UK; It may be advisable to have your new asset covered by a will in the country of purchase and your selected lawyer will arrange this; you may also need advice on any changes required to your existing will in the UK or elsewhere; we can introduce you to a specialist lawyer.

  • Arranging a viewing

    We will help you to make all the necessary arrangements for your inspection visit, whether with one of our agents or one of the developers we represent. Please move to ‘Viewing Hints’ on this website for a comprehensive range of helpful tips for your viewing trip.

  • Currency exchange & transfer

    You will want to ensure that your purchase funds are transferred at the most advantageous rate and on the best terms. This could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds; to see how click on the banner below. Rectangular banner Online (728x90)

  • Insurance arrangements

    You must make sure that your new property and all its contents are fully insured from the time of completion; we work with international property insurance specialists Intasure and you can get a quote and obtain your cover on line.

  • Instructing a lawyer

    If you are serious about buying, it will make sense to make appropriate enquiries in advance with a view to selecting, if not instructing a lawyer who will handle the legal side of the purchase on your behalf as this may save valuable time later. Unless informed otherwise individually, Investabroad Properties Ltd advises all intending purchasers to obtain the advice of a lawyer who is:

    1. a specialist in property law and conveyancing in the country of the purchase

    2. fluent in, or has a colleague fluent in, English and the language of that country

    3. has an office in the UK or the country of purchase or a country with similar legal process

    4. belongs to the Law Society of England & Wales or its equivalent body in that country

    5. will provide a specific fee quotation and terms of business before accepting instructions

    6. will state in advance and in writing his or her independence of any developer, agent or owner involved with the transaction.

    As a rule, Investabroad Properties Ltd can introduce such a lawyer who is known through reputation or recommendation and who is independent of the company, thus ensuring that there can be no conflict of interests. For information about a UK based firm with a team of specialist lawyers, please refer to the Associated Businesses section of this website for further information. Investabroad Properties does not accept commissions for the introduction of lawyers.

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